why we started.

Everyday Los Angeles Police Officers respond to thousands of calls for service, which means continuous interactions with the public. Officers see many situations, where hard working families needing financial assistance. Many are parents working several jobs just to make ends meet. So often, it's not enough.

Badge of Heart desires to connect Officers with the proper aid to help these families with financial burdens. 

The Organization was inspired and founded in 2014 by a current Los Angeles Police Officer Ken Lew. With 30 years of service, he worked at Newton Street, 77th Division, South Bureau CRASH, Background Investigator, Central Division & now Pacific Division. He witnessed and helped many families change their lives.

Officer Ken Lew was born in Los Angeles and raised in Inglewood, South LA & Westchester.  Officer Lew wants to continue and help make a difference in the community he once lived and now serves.


Ken Lew

Los Angeles Police Department

Jessica Gutierrez-Gonzalez  

Los Angeles Police Department

Angelica Benitez

Los Angeles Police Department

Financial reporting

Kenneth Little 

Yap & Little, Inc., CPA's

*Team members are Volunteers.. 

This Organization is operating Independently and not under any 

Law Enforcement Agencies. 

We assist any Officers, citizens or groups to help families, elders and children in need..